Newborn Health

Happiness doubles when a new soul enters your lives, and with that responsibilities too. The first and foremost of them is the need to ensure your newborn’s health is all well. That includes everything; right from immunisation to food allergies to developmental issues.

We support programs aimed at healthy parenting and spreading awareness about the various aspects of newborn health. That includes the importance of identification, assessing developmental issues at the earliest, treating them through systematic training, etc.

Maternal Health

Well, it all starts here ...! If the mother is healthy, the baby is. Many of us are aware of the fact that maternal morbidity and mortality are still considerably high in developing and under-developed countries. Lack of preconception care leads to most of these deaths. Preconception care including education, health promotion, screening and awareness among women of reproductive age would reduce the risk factors that might affect future pregnancies.

And it doesn’t stop with that. Care during the course of gestation and postnatal care right from advocating the importance of breast feeding to managing the psychological high-lows of postpartum. We advocate the importance of maternal health through awareness workshops and seminars crafted for young women and their family. We also help set up mobile health screening labs to reach out to remote localities.

Adolescent Health

Adolescents have significant needs for health services, due to their rapidly evolving physical, intellectual and emotional development. Understanding and supporting them during this important phase of their life is significant to their future.

Especially, adolescent girls. They are sooner or later the future mothers. We support initiatives like seminars and campaigns, creating awareness about the various aspects of the crucial stages in a woman’s life. Awareness on personal hygiene, cleanliness and effects of malnutrition are reiterated through targeted workshops for girls.


Healthy and balanced nutrition is important for everyone. It is the foundation for development. And malnutrition in all its forms amounts to an intolerable impediment to the fulfillment of human potential.

Micronutrient deficiencies being the risk factor for many diseases can contribute to high rates of morbidity and can have detrimental effects on human health. We support projects that are aimed towards this objective.


We are committed to improving the lives of the world’s children. We support initiatives that aim to improve the lives of vulnerable children by funding and elevating the most effective change makers for children worldwide.

Education For All

Every child deserves an opportunity to have access to aneducational environment to reach his/her maximum potential.

Education is undeniable for every single person. It goes without saying that education has a positive effect on human life. Especially, for people who are challenged – intellectually and physically. Enhancing the quality life of people with special needs through education and striving to bring out their fullest potential has been one of AIKYA’s prime missions.

AIKYA supports specific programs that cater to this need and works toward promoting learning and life skills for the young adults.


The very word ‘AIKYA’ means oneness – integration – unity. Integration and inclusion of the challenged into the mainstream society is our numero uno.

AIKYA advocates educational programs for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities that not only focus on formal education, literacy and numeracy but also on daily life skills such as mobility, communication, etc.

We promote the concept of inclusion in every aspect of life; right from making schools more inclusive to building an inclusive society by all means – may it be education, employment or social life.

Save The Child

Improving lives of the many underprivileged children through better education, healthcare and basic amenities is our campaign ‘Save the child’ is all about.

We support programs themed on this line and creates awareness on the various aspects uplifting so many lives out there ...

Global Development


To promote reading as a habit and keep alive the bliss of reading, we reach out to people whose access to books is scarce.

We support setting up mobile libraries and make books available to anyone.

Help your bit by donating books or toys.


A school is still a dream to many kids out there and we strive to make that dream come true.

We support underprevieged children to go to schools in less accessible locations and brings smiles on those faces.


We support job oriented skill training programs for rural youth and people with disabilities.